February 15, 2017 – Amsterdam.

Autheos, a service changing the way product videos are managed, distributed, and optimized for e-commerce, has announced development of a Video Intelligence & Optimization tool making video marketing more transparent for both brands and online retailers.

“Digital video marketing, specifically for e-commerce, is uncharted territory,” says CEO Christina Caljé. “E-tailers and brands know that video is the next big thing, but they have no concrete evidence showing which products or categories benefit the most from video enrichment. Which type of video is most effective in boosting conversion? And at which moment in the customer journey is video most impactful? To start unlocking this black box of valuable data, we’re excited to be working with a pilot group of international brands and retailers, including Nivea and L’Oréal Paris.”

First results from the pilot show that customers are on average 13% more likely, and in some cases up to two times more likely to add an article to their basket when that article has a product video.

“Digging down into the data, we see an increase of up to 109% in conversion rate on e-commerce product pages enriched with product videos,” reports Caljé. “The brands outperforming in their categories are those who prioritize the creation of engaging content, but also strategically place this content deep in the funnel. They see an opportunity to improve the customer journey with video, and they’re going for it.”

E-tailers are scrambling to jump on the video bandwagon, too, and for good reason.

“Video content is a key component of the inspiring, personalized experience we’re committed to delivering to our customers. So when Autheos approached us to join their Video Insights & Optimization pilot, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to validate our data-driven approach to improving the customer experience on our site. We’re enthusiastic about the add-to-basket data we’ve seen so far, which shows our customers responding very positively to product video content at the point of sale.”

Wouter Bruin, Director of Dutch market leader De Online Drogist

Improving the customer experience is only the beginning, concludes Caljé. “We’ve been on a mission to prove the often-quoted urban legend that video positively affects conversion rates. Now that we’ve successfully done this with our pilot, we’re uniquely positioned to help both brands and e-tailers dive even deeper into the data, pulling out insights to optimize video content and ultimately, boost sales.”