How does it work for E-tailers?

Step 1

✓ Set up an account connected to your business email.

✓ Make sure you state that you want to get videos for your shop!

Step 2

✓ Embed the Autheos code on your shop website. Your developers will know what to do with this link from GitHub:

Step 3

✓ All the matching videos that are in our database will then automatically display on the matching product pages on your website

And that’s all!


Always know what you’ll pay.

Connect | BASIC


✓ Automatically place Brand videos on product pages

✓ Instantly access newest Brand videos

Invite your most relevant Brands to your network

Connect | PREMIUM



Basic +

 ✓ Video curation to manage which Brand videos show up on your platform

 ✓ Customize player to fit the look and feel of your website

 ✓ Real-time analytics visualize your video coverage across various segments

* plus variable pricing




Premium +

✓ We exclude data sets you don't want included in our aggregation pool.

✓ You enjoy benefits the Autheos Connect platform has to offer.

“E-commerce product pages with video content convert
64% better than product pages without video content.”

Marcel Joosten, E-Commerce Director


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