Privacy Statement

We take privacy very seriously here at Autheos — whether for brands, for webshops, or for viewers of videos. Here are our data privacy guidelines:

  • As a brand or a webshop, only you can see your data — we will never share your data with anyone else.
  • We do not collect or store personal data (which would enable identification) for viewers of your videos.
  • We do collect and store some non-personal data for viewers. We do this both to enable us to provide viewable videos (e.g., browser type), and also to allow us to provide brands with better insights into the effectiveness of their videos (e.g., completion statistics) and marketing efforts (e.g., IP addresses, which can be used to determine the probable rough location of viewers).
  • We do not install any tracking software or cookies on your viewers’ devices.
  • We do aggregate data to create performance indices for market categories. We do this in order to put your data in context (to allow you to recognize, for example, if a spike in views for a given product video in a given period is due to your own marketing, or to higher ecommerce activity for the whole market segment during that period). It is impossible for a third party to extract your data from our indices.
  • We do require you to let viewers know that you are using tools that collect non-personal data for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of a particular product video and associated marketing efforts.

For more details, please read our General Terms and Conditions. Any further questions regarding our data analysis policy? Don’t hesitate to contact us!