Video Engagement?

Yes please - Give consumers true value.

We are a video intelligence platform

Video nowadays is hard to miss.
It's everywhere you look.

"We see a medium that can change what people do, want and wish for.

making sure the message matches the consumer and the context.

That's where
"our product comes in"

We don't produce video

We leverage it

Actively learning, to improve your content performance and marketing ROI.

We turn numbers into knowhow

And potential into profit

Our platform opens up new possibilities

Our service?

The stronger your commitment, the stronger our impact can be.

Phase 0

This is where you store. Use our advanced video DAM to easily store, organize and tag your videos.

Phase 1

This is where we push. Two lines Javascript will automatically distribute videos from your Video DAM to your product related (and reseller) pages worldwide.

Phase 2

This is where we analyze. Applying AI techniques on your site to identify patterns and predict successful behaviours.

Phase 3

This is where the magic happens. Machine learning algorithms empower a personalized video experience for your consumers, and stronger retargeting signals to improve your marketing ROI.

"Everything you need is included"

Some of the brands we work for

An example

Let's say you are a food brand or food retailer. You have some strong video material explaining the quality of your product ingredients, and recipes to inspire cooking.

How to turn your investment into actual conversion?

But how do you make sure your videos are seen by the right people, in the relevant context, and in the most effective way thinkable?

That's where we come in.

Let's introduce Alex. He is doing his weekly food shopping at your online store. He is a vegetarian who values quality ingredients; out of habit he often buys the same products each week.

But your food brand is connected to Autheos platform.

This means you are no longer passive towards user but you are activity connecting with them. Autheos analyzes Alex's browsing and purchase behaviours in real time, to show him content that specifically relates to him.

Autheos knows that Alex is a vegetarian, so content can reorder to give priority to plant based options.

Autheos can tell that Alex often browses cooking inspiration so when he selects products he will also be linked with corresponding recipes, for example he selected carrots and is shown a lovely carrot and pumpkin soup recipe. When he is browsing at 4:30pm, Autheos will give preference to dinner recipes that can inspire Alex's evening meal. At the same time, Autheos collaborates with your creative agency to incorporate the learnings of which videos perform well, and which don't, into your video strategy both onsite and offsite. Those recipe videos showing the whole family cooking are super popular with that Youtube campaign you ran for men aged 35 - 50, and always lead to higher average basket size. But those same videos really don't work for consumers browsing the weekly sale products. With this feedback loop, your marketing team is happy because it knows what works and what doesn't, and can apply those learnings to its broader advertising strategy. And your production team is happy because performance drives the content strategy, not subjective opinions.

Our labels

"Six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line with Autheos"

So to clarify:

When sharing your video through the Autheos platform, you are not only creating an engaging shopping window; but you are unlocking readily available consumer intelligence that Autheos shares and automatically acts upon, driving conversion and engagement for your brand.

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